Zoë Wicomb


Photo by Imke van Heerden.

Here is an interview with Intermix Magazine that details what growing up in South Africa, then as an exile, was like for Wicomb.

In the essay “Shame and Identity: The Case of the Coloured in South Africa,” Wicomb negotiates history (Saartje Baartman), geography (Cape Town), literature, politics, and theory in her journey through Soutimageh African racism. She finally settles on art, or the relationship between image and text, with the work of photographer Carrie Mae Weems: Carrie Mae Weems

As I exploring South Africa through Wicomb, I developed a lesson for the title story from her famous collection “You Can’t Get Lost in Cape Town” that I used for a teaching demonstration in a World Literature class. I also compiled some resources on South Africa that focus on apartheid and its aftermath.

Lesson for “You Can’t Get Lost in Cape Town”

Resources for South Africa and Apartheid


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