Resources on South Africa and Apartheid


A trailer for a documentary by Arcadia Films on art in Johannesburg:

South African band Die Antwoord in conjunction with Roger Ballen to create a music video detailing some uncomfortable visions that Ballen has captured in his photographs.



An apartheid passbook. By UN Photo
Collection: Historical Images of South Africa (United Nations)

For more, here is a New Republic article “The Rise and Fall of Apartheid in Pictures”

Steve Biko speaks about Black Consciousness:

A collection of interviews on racial classification from South Africa: Overcoming Apartheid and Building Democracy.


Featured picture of Roger Ballen at MONA, Hobart.

Roger Ballen (American) is one of South Africa’s most famous photographers. His controversial photography show aspects of South African life that can be difficult to process, yet give us important insights into a place made strange from years of racism, poverty, and corruption.


This video is from Roger Ballen’s photography project Platteland that documented images from the lives of poor South African whites. The people from these communities are commonly referred to as Afrikaners and speak Afrikaans.

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